Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Joyous Day

A few months ago I got a message from local artist, Josh Udesen, about a picture I had taken of a fish.  He asked if he could use it as inspiration for a painting.  Naturally, I was shocked to think that an actual artist was inspired by one of my photos. I obviously said okay to Josh using my photograph, and a few months later his work was completed!  

Seeing my picture come to life in Josh’s painting makes me happy.  I’m not sure what it’s like having a first born child... but I bet it’s something like this. 


  1. You can't hang your kid on the wall to admire , you can't change the hair color and I'm also sure your painting won't poop ! your painting's a great piece of art , so don't try to feed it paint in the middle of the night'll figure it out soooon ! Your loving father...Just saying !